Is it a good decision to make a circumcision to an 8 years old boy? My son had in two occasions a little irritation in his penis and with the use of a cream prescribed by the dr. Get well. But it is happening more frequently. So I was thinking if it will

Don't do it. Forgive my frankness. The problem you describe sounds trivial. Circumcision after the newborn period is not a casual choice. You're talking about a major ordeal for a young boy. Even at this age, it's also a decision that should be personal. If junior is forced to undergo this, he may be angry for the rest of his life. Let him wait until he's a teen and decide for himself.
I . I would recommend an evaluation and examination of the penis by a pediatric urologist. They can check for any penile adhesions, or other lesions of the penis and advise.
I . I am a pediatrician in sterling, va, not far from your location. There are several good pediatric urologists in northern virginia that can do the circumcision. For recurrent phimosis or balantitis, circumcison will often fix that.
What . What you are describing sounds like mild balanitis of inflammation of the foreskin. A circumcision is not necessarily indicated for that as it can happen in boys that are uncircumcised. If you want to discuss this i would make an appointment with a pediatric urologist and they can examine him and advise you further.