How long is recovery after lip augmentation? How long after having lip augmentation until I can return to all my normal activities? .

Recovery depends. Recovery depends on the procedure specifics, but generally speaking a patient who has undergone a lip augmentation with injectable fillers is able to return to work the following day and resume all normal activities in about a week. You will want to use an ice pack to help with swelling and over the counter pain killers to help with discomfort for the first 24 to 48 hours.
Soon. Typical post-op recovery includes swelling, possible redness and/or bruising which can last a few days. Generally speaking "normal" activity can be established immediately. I would suggest waiting a few days before working out, and passionate kissing(:)). Some patients experience little bumps in the lip which diminishes with time. All in all minimal side effects are reported with awesome results!
It . It depends on how the augmentation is done. If it simply done with a filler, you can return to normal activities essentially right away.