I have noticed I have been losing about 3 lbs a day for the past 5 days, should I go to th emergency room? About a month ago, I had my appendix removed. When the doctor removed it, he found a 6mm cancerous tumor on the tip of the appendix. Since then I ha

Not good. Get evaluated by your surgeon and possibly oncology. Abscess or cancer can be issues.
Unless. Unless you are having an emergent problem such as bleeding, severe pain or difficulty breathing, you will probably be better served by making an appointment to see your own doctor for these problems. An emergency room is great for taking care of emergencies, but they are usually not the place for making diagnoses from more complicated, on-going problems. Your doctor who knows you and your medical history will be able to take more time with you and do a more thorough work-up for your weight loss. You should give them a call to make an appointment for a thorough evaluation. Good luck!