Should I work in housekeeping if I have ringworm have one roud spot. One starting with raised line of eruptions

You. You know, they really could have named this disease better. "ringworm" sounds like you're infested, contagious and have cooties. Ringworm is nothing more than a topical fungal infection, no different than athlete's foot. It's easily treatable with topical medication, and in really difficult cases, or in cases where it's in many areas, it can also be treated easily with oral medication. While it's technically contagious, the other person needs to be susceptible to the infection. Case-in-point: athlete's foot is very common in just one foot, while the opposite foot is unaffected. Yet, the patient is clearly standing in the same shower and shares socks with themselves, and yet only one feet seems to get it. It's not like scabies, fleas, bed bugs and other fun stuff that would really prevent you from doing housekeeping until you're treated. Your dermatologist will give you a cream to apply to the area (s). Something to remember, though: funguses spread by spores, and fungal spores live for 30 days. Many people see a dramatic improvement after using a cream for only a couple of days, and it seemingly goes away in under a week. They stop using the cream, and then get a recurrence. You must treat a fungal infection of the skin for a minimum of 30 days. Good luck. You must be a "fun-guy" (sorry).