For a stye on the eye lid should I see a doctor do I need antibiotics? Stye is coming and going for several months.

Recurrent styes. Sometimes need an office procedure see your eye md.
As . As you know, styes are tender, red bumps that appear at the edges of your eyelids; they're usually caused by bacterial colonization of a blocked oil gland. Most styes resolve without antibiotic therapy. Frequent applications of warm, moist packs may speed resolution. Eye makeup and contact lenses should not be worn when you have a stye, and you shouldn't attempt to squeeze out a stye's contents, as this can spread the infection. Now, styes that persist or recur may need to be treated: antibiotic ointments or drops, oral antibiotics, and/or lancing may be required. In addition, recurrent styes may be caused by an underlying disorder, such as seborrheic dermatitis or rosacea, which may also need to be treated. Since your stye seems to be fairly persistent, you should see your doctor to determine the best course of management. Good luck!