Some fingers lock up and ache and it is getting worse. Hands swell some and ache in general, as well. I have had tendinitus and have had a shot in two fingers which was so painful I don't want to do it again. My fear is my finger will stay locked down o

The . The combination of a trigger fingers that often stays locked, arthritis in the small joints of the fingers, tightness and swelling in the fingers, and clinical deviation or deformity of some joints from more advanced arthritic changes can be overwhelming. Despite your fear of the shots you may want ot try again but understand that the injection alone may not solve all these issues. Even surgery , that can end the locking phenomena may still leave you rjoints stiff and sore for the other reasoons/problems i mention. Still do nothing and your not giving yourself a chance to get better antiinflammatories may help somewhat but are palliative not curative. See your pcp or see a hand surgeon, perhaps its time for reevaluation, new xrays another injection and possibly surgical treatment.
Trigger finger. Generally, locking of the fingers or thumbs are caused by trigger fingers. This is a benign condition in which the tendon becomes entrapped around a structure called the A1 pulley. If this is painful, an injection or surgery can improve the symptoms. If this is not painful, you can live with this as long as you have full range of motion and full function. This should not be alarming.