What are the options and costs for 2 root canals that have been broken into pieces and even water temperatures hurt? I have needed to have 2 root canals done about 2 years ago but I have no insurance and since then, they have broken off piece by piece. W

Two . Two years is wayyyyyy to long to wait, at the present time you are facing a bigger problem with teeth that are fractured and without you visiting a dentist that will take an xray it will be difficult to evaluate if the teeth are beyond a reparable stage through root canal treatment, post build up and a crown, meaning you may be loosing the tooth or teeth involved. Therefore i would advise you to set priorities into your budget, insurances are not going to solve your problem at this time, I have to take a determination, just pick up your phone and call the dentist of your choice explain your problem and let him give you the options available to resolve your oral condition! good luck!
The . The cost of dental care can often be out of the range of many patients and dental insurance can not cover the full expense. Seeking help at a dental school or more importantly seeing if these teeth are still savable are good comments. One other option is having a dentist or endodontist provide emergency treatment to relieve your pain. In many cases starting root canal treatment or extracting a tooth will eliminate your pain. The cost may be much lower than calculating the total cost now for root canal treatment and a crown. Ultimately the other work will need to be completed, but if you have pain and infection you can't wait! it's not in your best health interest.
Talk . Talk with your endodontists about the payment options available. You can also be treated at a dentist school in your area...It is generally about 1/3 the cost of being treated in a private practice.