Lump in right breast I am three weeks from my due date and found a small hard ball like lump in my right breast right next to my nipple. I am hoping it is just an infected glan and not breast cancer. Any way to find out before giving birth because I do de

Ultrasound. I would obtain an ultrasound. I would never assume a lump is a 'plugged milk duct'. Pregnant women are treated the same as those who are not pregnant. Especially so close to due date, even a mammogram could be done if absolutely necessary.
Please . Please see your gynecologist and have them evaluate the lump. It could be from milk-duct tissue, but a more serious cause needs to be ruled out. You will most likely be able to breast feed, but please see your gynecologist immediately. If you develop redness, pain, or fever, then you would have to go to the er.