What are some alternatives to blepharoplasty? Are there other, non-surgical options for droopy eyelids besides blepharoplasty? .

Blepharoplasty. There are nonsurgical alternative which may give you some improvement. These include injections of neurotoxins and fillers. Their effect does not match that of surgery.
There . There may be some alternatives such as creative application of makeup or tape or differential placement of botulinum toxin but these are relatively ineffective and do not provide a longterm solution.
The . The term "droopy eyelids" can mean several things including ptosis, dermatochalasis, blepharochalasis and brow ptosis. The answer to your question depends on which you mean but as a rule, most of these conditions are corrected with surgery.
Probably Not... You will be best off meeting with board certified plastic surgeons for consultation. During this consultation process, an accurate diagnosis will be made. “droopy eyelids” may be caused by forehead ptosis and/or “excess” skin of the upper eyelids. Appropriate treatment (usually surgical) will be determined after an accurate diagnosis is made. Best wishes.
Not really. You can try makeup, botox, and even taping-- but none of these provides the definitive correction obtained by blepharoplasty.