Where is the incision made in breast implant removal? Where on the breasts does a surgeon make the incisions for breast implant removal? .

The same site. Most surgeons try to avoid creating an additional scar on the breast if possible. The periareolar incision, if done correctly, heals consistently well, provides excellent exposure for any correction needed, and can be incorporated into any future surgical incisions, such as a lift. As such, it is my personal first choice in initial breast surgeries.
In. In most cases, the same incision will be used.
? ruptured implant. Intact implants are usually removed through the previous scar. Ruptured silicone implants may require longer incisions. Incisions are modified if the breast tissue needs recontouring with or without a new implant being placed.
Same spot. Generally all repeat breast surgery is done through the previous scar to avoid creating new ones on the breast. The exception to this is if you had your implants placed through the belly button. An incision would have to be made under the breast, around the areola or in the axilla to replace an implant inserted through the umbilicus.
Same Incision. In the vast majority of cases breast implants are removed through the same incision line that was initially used for the breast augmentation procedure. Occasionally, when additional work is being performed (such as removal of capsule tissue), a different approach may be helpful (depending on where the initial incision line was placed). Sometimes, patient preference may play a role.
In. In most instances the incision used to place the implant will be the one used to remove the implant. However, in some instances such as transaxillary placement of a large silicone implant which has subsequently ruptured necessitating capsulectomy and removal of extracapsular silicone would be more easily performed via an inframammary crease (breast fold) incision.

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4 days post op from breast implant surgery. Is it normal I can't even lift my right arm up w/out it killing. The pain isn't even near the incision?

Can be normal. This can be normal but it could also be a sign of another problem. It is often best to compare to the opposite side. Is it same basic size, shape, position, swelling? Not all breasts heal or behave symmetrically but it is a good guide. In any case contact your surgeon as I am sure they will want to know about your symptoms to provide optimal care and reassurance.
Acute post op period. You should be asking this question of your surgeon and not a forum such as this. You are in your acute post-op recovery phase and many things can happen and your surgeon needs to be aware of your concerns and problems you face as you recover. All I can say is that it is not uncommon to have some pains laterally on the breast but the magnitude will differ with the patient. See your doctor!
Pretty normal. It's not unusual this soon to have trouble lifting your arms if the implants are under the pec muscle. But abnormal breast swelling on that side should be reported to your surgeon asap.
Maybe. Although your symptoms may be “normal”, always best to check with your own plastic surgeon, who is in the best position to rule out complications. Best wishes.
Check with surgeon. Check with your surgeon... Sometimes you can have referred pain to an arm after to have your surgeon examine you. Breast augmentation but it is best y.
Get it checked. Severe pain like you describe isn't typical. Get it evaluated, to make sure you don't have a complication that needs treatment.
See your surgeon. For acute onset pain, it is best to go and see the surgeon who performed the breast augmentation procedure for you. Muscle spasms can occur in patients who have sub muscular implants placed and this may cause pain when trying to move arm. If the approach was through the axilla, or patients develop a hematoma then additional pain can be present with associated arm movement in some patients.

Breast implant removal done. What happens to your natural breast after weeks?

Implant removal. As the chest wall muscle gradually resumes its previous shape [it was stretched out with implant behind it] the breast will have a more normal appearance. Exercise those pecs as soon as the plastic surgeon lets you.
Depends on size. There is a genralized feeling that implants over 350cc promote soft tissue atrophy and are more likely to produce chest wall compensation that are more difficult to reverse upon implant removal. With smaller implants, one may experience a subtle degree of loss of upper fullness following removal, however, it has been my clinical impression is less than that observed with pregnancy, .
Depends. What breasts look like after removal of breast implants will  depend on several factors such as: the quality of skin elasticity (the better the elasticity the better the skin will bounce back),  the size of the implants used (the larger the implant the more trouble you may have with redundant skin), and the amount of breast tissue present at this time (which may have changed since surgery).
Depends. If there are no complications, I tell my patients that they should begin to feel like themselves again after a couple of months. Most patients can get back to regular activities in a few days or couple weeks, and full maturity of the scars takes up to 2 years. The degree of "droop"in the breasts may be variable after surgery.
Depends. Depends on your skin elasticity...If it is good, then over 4-6 months, the breast shape should be get back pretty similar to what you had pre-operatively. If you had droop of the breast pre-operatively, or have poor skin elasticity, then there may be more sag.
It depends... So far, all of my breast implant removal patients have been satisfied with the long term results. But it really depends on your expectations before surgery as to how happy you are after. If you expect your breasts to be as perky as they are with implants, you will not be happy. But if you go into the procedure with realistic expectations then there is a good chance you will be happy.

Does shifting of implants mean I need breast implant removal? I think my implants have shifted. Is breast implant removal the only way to fix it? .

Some. Some movement of the implants is normal and expected... If the implants migrate too far into armpits or axilla this can bother some patients and prompt revision surgery. Or if the implant is truly too small for the patients chest wall, a more proportional implant choice may be needed. Consult your plastic surgeon for a consult. Best of luck to you.
The. The pocket that surrounds your breast implants is called a capsule. This capsule determines for the most part how much your implants moves or shifts. There is no replacement for an in person examine by a board-certified plastic surgeon but it is not uncommon to be able to improve the position of a breast implant by tightening or altering the breast capsule. I recommend you visit a board-certified plastic surgeon for a proper evaluation. I wish you well. Dr. Edwards.
It. It really depends on the degree and does it bother you. If the implant is under your armpit and needs to have the pocket adjusted then it needs to be doen in a a sterile operating room suite. Www. Beautybybrueck. Com.
In. In some women, especially thinner patients, implants may shift. Early bra wearing can be of help. Implants don't have to be removed if the shifting does not bother you and you are happy with the overall look. Implants may need replacement if you wish to undergo a surgical procedure that will correct the shifting. Good luck from nyc. For more info visit www. Drgrossman. Com.
No. “shifting” of breast implants does not necessarily require removal of the breast implants. If the shifting or displacement of breast implant is significant or bothersome, revisionary breast surgery may be very helpful. Generally speaking, capsulorraphy surgery will serve to adjust the breast implant pocket so that the breast implant (s) remains in better position.