Will I be able to move around after a fat transfer? How soon after a fat transfer will I be able to get up and move around? .

Immediately. You can walk and move around right away. What I have my patients avoid for the first two weeks is sitting. Starting at two weeks they can sit on a pillow taking a 5 minute break every half hour. After four weeks they can sit normally. This is to allow the fat time to heal without undue pressure which can damage it.
Immeiately. This is an ambulatory surgery, you will walk out of surety immediately afterwards.
Depends. Depends on where you are transferring the fat to. A transfer to your face won't really affect your ability to move at all. To the hands will limit what you do with your hands, but nothing else. Fat transfer to the buttocks will limit how long you can sit. You should be up moving around the same day for all. http://www.omahacosmeticsurgery.com/contouring-procedures-category/fat-transfer/
Fat . Fat transfer outcomes and restrictions are dependent in part on where the fat is placed and how much is transferred. In most cases, there is essentially little or no down time.
The . The simple answer is yes and you should be encouraged to do so. However, this answer may be contingent on where the fat is transferred to: face, breast, buttocks, etc.