I have a talus fracture for a few weeks now and I am sleeping with this boot on I do not have anymore pain can I sleep bootless? Would like to have an alternative to sleeping without the heavy uncomfortable boot on to walk and sleep in.

Postop shoe. A postop velcro shoe can be used instead of the boot. Another alternative is to wear an ankle brace.
The . The two areas of the talus that are apt to get fractured are the dome, the top cartilaginous area that articulates with the tibia, the bone above it, and the neck of the talus. Talar neck fractures are usually much more disabling and significant than talar dome fractures. Not knowing which you have (and there are varying degrees of each kind of these fractures), it's hard to give specific advice. The use of a removable cast-boot has it's attributes and its liabilities. The attribute is you can take it off, which makes bathing infinitely easier than if you were in a hard cast. The liability is you can take it off. If you take this off at night to go to sleep and you need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, chances are you're not going to slap that thing back on just to pee, and that is the liability. So my best advice would be to ask your doctor. I know as a doctor, the last thing i want to hear from one of my patients is they went on line and some doctor said it was ok to remove the boot when going to bed when i told them to wear it "all the time." it's a phone call away to what would really be your best answer!