Is permanent nerve damage possible with chin augmentation? I've heard stories about permanent nerve damage causing partial paralysis as a result of plastic surgery. Is this a risk with chin augmentation? .

Chin Aug Nerve Inj. Complications and side effects are very uncommon with chin augmentation. However, there is a small degree of risk. The most likely side effect is altered sensation in the chin and lower jaw, which may be temporary or permanent depending on the extent of the surgery. A plastic surgeon will be able to tell you if you are at particular risk for this type of side effect at time of consultation. Https.
With . With chin augm, enation this would not be a problem.The nerves potentially that could be damaged are sensory nerves that innervate the lower lip which can be a real problem but it is
Sensory damage only. The only major nerves at risk in chin augmentation are the sensory nerves that provide sensation to the lower lip. That is, they transmit sensory impulses from the lower lip to the brain. There's one "mental nerve" on each side of the chin, directly under your 2nd premolar, before 1st molar. The nerves that supply motor function to this area are located elsewhere at not at risk.
Nerve damage. It is possible to have a nerve injury after this procedure. However, risks are lowered, if the surgery is done by an expert. .
Nerve damage. It is highly unlikely to have paralysis from a chin implant. Loss of sensation can occur that may be permanent. The movement of the area may feel awkward for a time while the swelling/stretch of the overlying muscles is settling. If the chin surgery is accompanied by facelift, that is a different story, partial loss of movement can occur. But it is a very uncommon risk.
Anything . Anything is possible but this would be a very uncommon complication. The mental nerve (sensory) could be damaged and cause numbness but this often self corrects over time. The facial nerve branch to the chin (marginal mandibular) is typically not in the line of incisional damage.