Can hpv/genital wart get passed on through oral sex? My bf had oral sex with me and I have HPV and a genital wart, can that be passed on to him through the mouth and can I get hpv/ wart of the mouth if he kissed me after oral sex?

In . In short...Yes. These lesions are caused by the hpv virus and can be transmitted by contact like any other virus. Over the last 20 years we are seeing increasing number of intraoral lesions caused by the hpv viruses linked to genital warts due to the increase in oral sex.
Yes, it can but... Yes, oral sex has been known to be a viable route of transmission; so it's advisable to look at / into the throat in 2-4 months to make sure of no occurrence of wart. Fact: some 1% of sexually active adults in the us have wart although some 10-15% of the us population are tested positive for hpv dna; this implies many hpv-infected are free of clinical disease of warts.
It . It absolutely can, and more importantly it can also lead to oral cancer. There are over 130 strains of hpv and though most americans will be exposed to some version of hpv in their lifetime, only about 1% of those infected will have a lack of immune response which will result in some type of lesion. Oral sex is not safe sex and is 9x more likely to cause oral cancer then smoking and drinking combined.

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I had oral sex With my husband from 3years ago he had genital wart dose I get oral hpv, it possible infect my family through eating same dish saliva?

Unpredictable. One won't know she has oral HPV in the mouth or throat unless there's an abnormal spot or lump. Tiny spots of HPV would not be noticed by the person. Some strains of HPV don't cause big problems. One should get vaccinated against the bad strains of HPV (Gardasil-9 vaccine), to help prevent ano-genital infections. In real life, sharing food or water is fine, but maybe not chewing for somebody else. Read more...