My son does not wear his retainer, what can I do to keep his teeth from moving? My son was in ortho full braces for 2 years.

What a shame. By disobeying you and discounting the orthodontist's skill and experience your child is exhibiting just how immature he really is. He thinks he can succeed without paying his dues. He's taking the beautiful gift you gave him and throwing it away. He obviously has no ?tre spect for you, nor does he value what it cost. Be a parent. Set limits and stick to the rules.
Unfortunately . Unfortunately patient compliance with post-orthodontic retainers is a common problem for parents of teens. If there is any way to convince your son that not wearing his retainers will result in his braces going back on then give it a try. If that doesn't work get back to his orthodontist to see if the non-compliance can be overcome by redesigning an appliance that is easier and more comfortable to wear or put him in a fixed appliance that is non-removable. It's a tough situation-you're not alone!
Make . Make an appointment with an orthodontist immediately. An orthodontist will be able to adjust his retainer to make it more comfortable and give him a pep talk about how important retainers are. His retainer can maintain his straight teeth while he is growing or while his wisdom teeth are erupting. Ask an orthodontist about alternative retainers like permanent, spring aligners or vivera invisalign retainers. Protect your investment in his smile... Retainers typically run $150 to $750 depending on the type. If his teeth have already shifed an orthodontist may have to put braces back on or recommend invisalign. Retainers are the best way to keep his teeth from moving and for your son not to have braces again.
You . You need to schedule appointment with the orthodontist asap, hopefully it is still possible to make adjustments to the existing retainer. It might be a good idea to consider a fixed retainer that your son will not be able to remove...