Can I take Claritin and Mucinex together while pregnant? Hello, I am 5 months pregnant and I took Claritin and Mucinex together. I took Claritin at 9:00pm and Mucinex at 12:30am. I really need to know if I hurt my baby? I am scared and don't know if I h

I. I can understand your fear, however the best thing for you and your baby is for you to relax and move on from here. The likelihood that any damage was done to your baby is very slim. Claritin is considered a pregnancy category b drug; this means that animal studies have not shown any risk to a fetus, therefore doctors consider drugs in this category to be considered safe and prescribe them all the time. Mucinex (guaifenesin) is considered a class c drug which means that animal studies have shown adverse effect on the fetus, however these are usually an issue when a large amount of the drug is used or the drug is used over an extended period of time. Regardless, many doctors prescribe drugs in this category because the benefits from use outweigh any potential risk to the fetus. Also keep in mind that these studies are usually in fetus that are very early (first trimester). At 5 months all your baby's major organs are developed and should not be affected by a class c drug. Lastly, I used category c drugs while pregnant as well as given them to my patients, and I have not seen one bad outcome from it. Your baby will be just fine. If you ever want to know which medications you can take don't hesitate to contact your doctor. Best of luck with your pregnancy.