Does botox create that overly surprised look? I'm worried about getting that overly surprised look. Can botox cause that look? If so, how do I avoid it? .

It can be avoided. If the Botox is not injected correctly over the forehead area, it can sometimes create that spock eyebrow look where the sides spike upwards. This can be avoided by the doctor making sure the botox is injected in accordance with the patient's muscle movements. Otherwise, Botox should not give a "surprised" look but it should help give a lift to the brows which makes you look more awake.
Find a good injector. Find an experienced injector and you should be able to avoid that problem. The surprised look happens when Botox is injected in not quite the right place.
See Plastic Surgeon. to make sure whatever cosmetic appearance you are trying to create especially if you are worried what your outcome may be. Don't go to any clinic that does not have a board certified plastic surgeon that can help direct your care.
Experienced injector. Botox when done correctly by an expert such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon looks very natural. It relaxes worry and frown lines and wrinkles. It should not make you look surprised or like you've been "botoxed". Need to find an experienced injector.
Not always. Most of the "good jobs" of botox injection are not very noticeable to the common eye. Depending on where you have your injections and who your injector is will correlate with your outcome. Botox is an amazing medicine and can easily make you look more well rested and erase fine / moderate lines. Go a touch lighter for a first treatment if you are nervous. Can always add more!
Injector dependent. Botox may cause a "surprised look" if your injector doesn't pay close attention to the anatomy and musculature of the face. The good news is that most plastic surgeons, dermatologists and facial plastic surgeons don't give their patients this look. If you do develop results that you do not like, they will be temporary and we can often fix it with other injections.
If . If you look in the mirror and mimic the "surprised" look, you will find that this is caused by raising the brows and upper eyelids. Botox in the forehead will not raise the brows but will lower them by paralyzing the frontalis muscle. If placed in the upper eyelid (typically should be avoided, it can result in a droopy eyelid (ptosis). Thus, Botox will not result in a surprised look and can in fact result in flat and droopy brows/lids if overly used in the forehead and brows.
It can be avoided. Botox can be carefully administered and the fear of looking over done or surprised should not be a concern. Please consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon. Hope this helps.
Not if use correctly. Using small amounts of Botox the brows can be repositioned in natural appearance and the forehead lines can be softened. The skin quality of the forehead can, also, be improved used Micro-Botox injections. However, if to much or to little Botox is used the position of the brows can be radically altered.
Poor placement. Botox causes improvement in wrinkles by relaxing the muscles of facial expression. All of our facial movements are produced by 2 sets of muscles which counteract each other. If you relax the muscles that pull the brows down, then the ones that pull up are unopposed, leading to elevated brows. For more on Botox see:
Botox. I've never seen that. Overly surprised implies raised eyebrows and widened eyes. Botox is a muscle relaxant and the most common concern (not common in reality) is a frozen forehead or droopy brows. The way you can improve your chances of a good result is to find a qualified and experienced DOCTOR. If you chase bargains for Botox in spas and salons, you get what you pay for.
It can. A well trained plastic surgeon or dermatologist will not give you a surprised look, but if it does happen, it is easily corrected. Good luck from nyc.
Yes, . Yes, botulinum toxin can caused the overly surprised look but if it occurs, it can easily be treated. However this may result in a flattened brow appearance.