Is bladder cancer spreads to the lymph nodes in my chest, do I need to see a urologist or a thoracic surgeon?

Metastatic bladder . You need to see a medical oncologist to plan your care. Is the lung mets proven to be bladder ca ? Have you had chemo ? Did you have your bladder removed. Medical oncology is your first stop.
Depends. You may need a thoracic surgeon to do biopsies to confirm the diagnosis or possibly remove the metastasis ... But the urologist may be the one to treat you with chemotherapy or other medical therapy, unless they prefer that you be treated by a medical oncologist.
Urologist. The physician who is going to oversee your bladder cancer treatment is the urologist. There really is no role for a thoracic surgeon since these masses are not removed surgically. The mainstay of treatment at this point is chemotherapy and not surgical.

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How harmful for your health is bladder cancer when it invades the lymph nodes and they are infected also?

N+. The 5 year disease free survival for bladder cancer involving lymph nodes (n+) avaerages 15%-20%. However, each patient's case is different depending not only on the primary cancer, but also comorbidities and patient's overall performance status. In galveston, may be best to visit utmb or md anderson. Read more...

How bad is bladder cancer when it invades the lymph nodes?

High risk. Bladder cancer found to be in the lymph nodes at the time of bladder removal is considered "advanced" and 5 year survival estimates are on the order of 25-30%. However, some patients with relatively little involvement of the nodes can experience prolonged survival, if not cure, from thorough surgical removal of lymph node tissue at the time of surgery for bladder removal. Chemotherapy may help. Read more...