Are stitches used in blepharoplasty? Does the surgeon actually put stitches in the eyelids during blepharoplasty, or are the incisions closed some other way? .

Yes . Some type of suture is usually used during blepharoplasty surgery. Some surgeons prefer the use of absorbable sutures; some prefer the use of non-absorbable sutures.
Depends. Not all blepharoplasty incisions are closed with sutures by all physicians. Eternal approaches, typically the "sub-ciliary" incision are closed with sutures. Internal eyelid incisions, typically the "transconjunctival" incision can be closed with one or several simple sutures or left to heal without sutures. It is really a matter of surgeon preference and a very reasonable pre-op question.
Most . Most surgeons use sutures to close upper eyelid incisions. With the lower eyelids it depends on the type of incision used (external or hidden on the inner part of the eye) and surgeon preference.
In . In most instances sutures are used both beneath and on the surface of the incision. Some surgeons employ removable sutures while others use absorbable ones. A few surgeons use skin glue but this is not commonly employed.
Yes. Sutures are placed on the upper and lower eyelids.