Including surgery, chemo, and radiation, how long does the treatment for lung cancer usually last?

Does last mean... 1. Time to do; or 2. Durability? All 3 have been used, but the thoughtful people leading lung cancer treatment have not proven its value. If you have stage iiia at presentation (+ n2 node), surgery offers nothing if the n2 node persists or disease grows. If n2 goes, sme suggest lobectomy is better, but most agree that pneumonectomy confirs survival hazard.
6-8 months. Usually stage 2 or 3 lung cancer patients can be treated with surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation. In this case, surgery and recovery takes 1.5- 2 months. Chemotherapy is given over 3-4 months and radiation is given over 1.5 months usually. Most patients need 3-4 weeks to recoverfrom the side effects at the very least.

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What is the average survival rate for small cell lung cancer after chemo and radiation therapy?

Depends. Localized or extensive. Localized has a 5 year survival of around 30-40%. Extensive has much worse odds.
Depends on stage. Treated limited stage has a median survival over a year and have about 5% survivors at 5 years extensive stage has about 9 months of median survival.
>25 % In a large randomized study testing radiotherapy and chemotherapy for non-metastatic small cell lung cancer, ~ 25% of patients were alive after 5 years. Since then, advances in imaging, treatment techniques, and supportive care may have increased this rate slightly.

My daughter just started chemo and radiation for lung cancer. She is also taking Juce plus Aro. Is this ok?

Lung CA. I'm sorry to hear your daughter and family are dealing with this difficult issue. Your HEM/ONC is the best person to tell you what she can and can not take. Discuss all of you treatment options and alternative medicine options with your Dr. Good Luck and God Bless and grant you strength.

Is there a treatment for lung cancer besides radiation, chemotherapy or surgery?

NO. Those are the 3 mainstays of any cancer therapy. 99.9 % of naturopathic or holistic are a waste of time and money.

When is it normal to have surgery for lung cancer followed y radiation but no chemo?

Positive margins. Positive surgical margins, meaning some disease is left behind. Radiation can be used to sterilize the field. Sometimes radiation is given to treat the regional lymph nodes as well.
Positive margin. If a patient had early stage cancer that surgery would be the definitive treatment, but after pathology comes back showing a positive margin then radiation would be used without chemotherapy. However more adverse findings such as nodes would mean chemotherapy is necessary.
S+RT but no C. Not at all common. The case I can imagine is a person unable to tolerate the chemotherapy. The most common clear indicaton for radiotherapy in lung cancer is after chemotherapy if med. Nodes +. Positive bronchial margins or chest wall invasion are other plausible scenarios.
Lung cancer and xrt. I usually see this when there is a question of close or questionable surgical margins. That means the surgeon thinks he got all of the tumor but isn't quite positive.

My aunt has 2tumors left side lung which has spread to the lt hip bone. She just finished radiation to the hip and willbe starting chemo. Is this normal treatment? Why not start with treatment to the lung first? She is stage 4 lung cancer. Are the docto

To prevent fracture. Yes it is normal. Radiation was given to hip first to hip prevent fracture and for pain. Discuss with oncologist with your aunt permission will explain the plan of treatment and prognosis.
Once NSCLC. Spreads, there is no cure. The goal is to treat symptomatic areas to provide comfort. We are encouraged to incorporate palliative care (experts in symptom control) and even get a hospice assessment -- focus on home services, help, equipment, support. A good idea to maximize comfort when cure is not possible.
XRT can be first. I assume your aunt has non-small cell lung cancer which usually does not respond quickly to chemo. If the lesions in the bone are causing pain or are at risk for fracture, we will often give radiation first (usually 10 days) to deal with the acute problem first. Then we give chemo to address the rest. Best wishes.