Can chin augmentation be done in conjunction with rhinoplasty or other surgeries? I would like to have my nose done at the same time as chin augmentation. Is it possible to do both at the same time? .

Absolutely. This is a very common combination, because small chins make big noses appear bigger, and visa versa.
Yes! If you have a weak chin by doing rhinoplasty and chin implant at the same time will give you a better result!
Nose & Chin Surgery. Chin augmentation is commonly done in the same surgical session as other facial procedures such as the lite lift™, neck lift, playsmaplasty or rhinoplasty. It is safe for you to get both procedures at the same time.
Absolutely. . Absolutely. In fact, these procedures are performed together quite frequently. Rhinoplasty is a very complex procedure with many different factors to consider to achieve a pleasing result. Planning for the procedure is just as important as the procedure itself. There is a natural balance between the nose, lips, and chin that give a nice profile. If any of these landmarks are not in good proportion, it can make the face off balance. For instance, it is not easy to make a "big" nose "small". In many instances the nose is not big, but the chin is recessed or small. Through a small incision under the chin and appproximately 1 hr more of operating room time, a chin augmentation will be a great addition to a rhinoplasty. Having your surgeon morph your preoperative photo is a great way to see the changes that can occur. For more information, please visit my website: www.Sarasotaplasticsurgey.Com.
It . It is very common to combine chin augmentation with rhinoplasty or other facial plastic surgery procedures. This is great for patients in that it creates just one recovery period.
Absolutely. These two procedures can really enhance results. Seek care from a surgeon experienced in both procedures who is board certified by the american board of facial plastic & reconstructive surgery or the american board of plastic surgery.
These . These are often combine and will enhance the overall results in many instances. Some have even termed this a profiloplasty. Neck liposuction is also a complementary procedure. These are most commonly performed under general anesthesia.