What is the best way to completely whiten my teeth and fix them that is not too expensive? I for years ate lemons and lots of hot spicy foods and my teeth are now stained yellow and are brittle with mini cracks in them. Also my inner mouth is peeling all

Big Challenge. You are indicating some serious possible dental problems and you want a beautiful white smile that is inexpensive. That is like going to the dealership and asking for a new cadillac but only wanting to spend $500 on it. My challenge to you is to get a dentist consultation with all necessary xrays and determine the extent of your problems first. You may have some other issues that take precedence.
It. It is very imortant to have a thourough dental examination before any cosmetic work. The exam should include teeth and oral tissues. The dentist might recommend an exam by an oral medicine specialist if he is concerned with peeling of your gums to rule out autoimmune diseases that can cause that.
I. I think this might be a better question for a dentist and probably will require an oral examination. There are a few conditions such as lichen planus that can affect the oral mucosa and cause white patches. Also, are you a smoker? This certainly would put you at risk for oral cancer (such as squamous cell carcinoma). Read more about lichen planus at the link below.
First. First of all please do go and get a thorough dental check up and have your teeth cleaned. It is quite possible that you may have a change occurring to the mucous membrane of your cheek that may have potentially harmful long term effects. Constant thickening of the inner skin, that can be scrapped away is not a good sign. It is possible that you might be chewing your cheek, or you may have some other condition which a dentist will be able to identify. Now to your question, “what is the best way to completely whiten my teeth and fix them that is not too expensive? ” well you can’t beat a good dental cleaning to start, and then you have to know that the more you erode the enamel off your teeth, and lemons will do that, the more the yellower internal layer of the tooth shows through. Such teeth can still be whitened using the carbamide peroxide agents that dentists use to lighten teeth, and you did say you had been doing that for years, so there is a chance hat you will have some sensitivity from the process. A lot of dentists will offer tooth whitening at a discount price to induce a patient to come in for other treatment. You should be careful of this option, for they commonly will cut the corners on the bleaching process and may try to charge you a lot more for the additional bleaching trays for home touch up. Be careful of this. If you are concerned about cost, and I would be, I would hold back on dental veneers until you have tried cleaning and whitening. Often times a few chipped or badly worn teeth can be made to appear much more attractive by simply being re-contoured. This is an inexpensive and often highly effective alternative. I hate to quote fees in an open forum like this, but I think you should be able to get tooth whitening for less than $500. You can get more information about this on my web site: http://www. Drneilmcleod. Com/ but first of all get a good check up. I hope this helps! Dr. Neil mcleod dentistry that lasts - quality that counts.