What is predcort ds and is it safe for a 6 month old baby concernd parent

Suggestion. Anti-inflamatory effect and broncodialatory effect. Corticosteroid as its a very good drugs for short term(less than 14 days) use. If this was my child, and i have, use alternative called asea 1/2 ounce 2-3 times per day. Its basically saline but has a molecule that helps your immune system destroy diseases without side effects. More info on my web at zbestwater.Info can be spray in nose.
This . This is a steroid and is typically used in babies this age for reactive airway or bronchospasm of the lungs, which is often caused by a viral infection. These are conditions that affect the lungs and cause difficulty breathing and often times wheezing. The predcort ds works to calm the inflammation in the lungs thus helping the patient breathe better. It is safe for a 6 month old as long as the doctor gave the correct dose based on the weight of the baby, and gave directions to use it for five days or less (this can vary based on the diagnosis) please consult the prescribing doctor if you ever have any questions regarding a medication or why it was given. All the best.