I have a lump on top of gum in front teeth what is it when it was bigger, when I pressed on it it put pressure on my front tooth

The . The best advise that i can give someone experiencing pain or swelling in the mouth is to have it professionally checked as soon as possible. You have already identified this as a "problem", and it certainly can be anything from a tooth abcess to a gum abcess if it is a problem. The only real way to know is through clinical and radiographic (x-ray) evaluation by a dentist. Don't wait, because the sooner you deal with it the easier it will be to cure!
So . So difficult to answer your question without an exam and radiograph, but from what you describe, it appears to be an abcess either coming from an infected nerve from that tooth or from a periodontal pocket in that area. Either way you need to see a dentist to take care of this problem because this type of problem will not resolve itself on its own or just by taking antibiotics.
A . A swelling on top of a tooth is most likely an indicator of an abscess in that tooth. You need to see your dentist to make a diagnosis and treat the infection. Unfortunately, most dental infections do not go away on their own, but require some treatment to remove the source whether it be an infected nerve or something else.