Should I be concerned about heart palpitations when I'm not lying down? I get heart palpitations throughout the day with seemingly no cause. I have no pre-existing conditions and I'm not taking any medications. Should I be concerned?

If . If you feel your heart racing and your not exerting yourself this is known as palpitations. If you have these sensations then you may want to go to your physician and he may provide you a monitor or refer you to a cardiologist (or a cardiac electrophysiologist, a heart electrician) who may place a 24 hour holter monitor if you symptoms on a daily basis or an event monitor if you have it less often. Then when you have symptoms you can document the time in a dairy for the holter or activate the record mode on the event monitor and call the recording in so your physicians can correlate what your heart rhythm is during your sensation of palpitations. This is one of our gold standards. I hope this is helpful.