I had implants 10 years ago and two years ago they were rejected. Can I have new once? I need to restore my smile to whatever perfection I could achieve. However, I am about to start filming a reality show that was accepted by a network and I need to look

Rejecting. Rejecting implants after two years, sounds more like a maintenance problem, loss of bone in most instances infection (periodontitis) are due to lack of proper home care and frequent visits (at least 3 times a year) to your dentist for periodontal maintenance. You need to start anew with a series of examinations (x-rays, panoramic x-ray, ct scan, or cone beam scan) to determine your existing level of bone and plan accordingly if bone graft will be necessary. To plan your filming appearance, you should look into a transitional removable denture. Btw 2000 euros is way too cheap...In our neighborhood implants, abutments and crown are aprox.$3600.00 good luck on your preparation for filming and your new smile......
The. The implants that were originally placed ten years ago integrated with your bone. If they were lost after eight years, it was most probably due to bone loss around the implant. If that is the case, there may not be enough bone left to place more implants. However, in many instances, bone grafts can be completed to rebuild the areas where implants need to be placed. A complete exam with radiographs will determine your current situation and allow your dentist to treatment plan your future reconstruction. This will also allow your dentist to quote you a total fee for all treatment necessary, giving you an idea of your total financial responsibility. If bone grafting is involved, the entire procedure may take several months. Since time is of the essence with your current filming schedule, you may want to consider a removable prosthesis on a temporary basis for esthetic purposes. Best of luck.
There. There is still a chance to place implants. A full examination/ evaluation including x-rays, panorex and a cone beam scan will determine if you are a candidate for implants. My area for a single tooth replacement implant/abutment/ and crown is $2750.00 us. Good luck, mjb.
First. First of all, it is a shame to read that your implants have only lasted ten years. I have to ask what are the extenuating circumstances which have predisposed you to having this disappointing clinical result. Properly placed, well restored and appropriately cared for our experience is that implants can last for many more years that ten. If you need your appearance restored immediately, then the removable partial denture is the answer, and any way you should have this made now to preserve the space, distribute the biting force, and maintain your appearance. If the need is urgent enough you can probably have implants even if the bone has been lost, we do have ways of restoring bone height and width, but you need a good, practiced surgical team to do this. Now let us get down to the nuts and bolts of this whole question, "can I fix my teeth with implants for €200 each." the answer is "no" you have to be kidding. The average price for properly placed dental implants and crowns in america ranges from $4000 - 5500. There are plenty of places where you can find a cheaper job, where corners are probably being cut. My recommendation is that you re-evaluate what really matters to you and if you want your next dental restoration to last for a long time. The work needs to be carefully planned, well executed and carefully maintained afterwards. You also need to be in good health. I do hope this is helpful to you. Dr neil mcleod dds dentistry that lasts - quality that counts.