Can blood pressure 185/115 kill can blood pressure 185/115 is it dangerous

Hello, . Hello, there is little information here. Although it differs by age, a general idea about blood pressures follows. The first number is the systolic pressure and the second number is the diastolic blood pressure. These are measured in millimeters of mercury. You don’t use one blood pressure reading to make a diagnosis. Normal = less than 120/80. Pre-hypertension = 120-139/ 80 -89. Hypertension (stage 1) = 140-159/ 90 — 99. Hypertension (stage 2) = greater than 160/ 100. Both hypertensive crisis and hypertensive emergency are greater than 180 / 120 with evidence of acute organ damage differentiating between the two. Hypertension urgencies are marked elevations of bp, (often with blood pressure higher than 180/110 mm hg) and the person may have a headache, shortness of breath or swelling in their feet as well as possible chronic end organ damage. There are many unkowns here. Is the blood pressure cuff the correct size? Are these repeated measurements? Is the person being treated for hypertension? Is the person markedly emotionally upset or in significant pain? If the measuremets are accurate, 185/ 115 is dangerous and medical attention should be sought. If the blood pressure has not come back down/ there are symptoms, that person should be seen at the emergency room.