How can you tell if a neurofibroma on your spine has increased to the piont where I should seek immediate medical attention? I have a neaurofibroma between the t-10 and t-11 vertibrea it was discovered several years ago. The past three days I have had alo

Neurofibroma. Neurofibroma is a nerve tumor. Neurofibroma at t10-t11 will primarily cause pain at the lower thoracic spine (bottom of rib cage), numbness and pain radiating around rib cage and leg pain, numbness, weakness, poor coordination in the legs and bowel and bladder incontinence or retention. Neurofibroma at this level will not affect the head, neck, collar bone or arms. It is possible to have multiple neurofibromas in different areas of the body. You should seek immediate medical attention if you develop weakness, paralysis or bowel and bladder dysfunction or any significant worrisome change. I would recommend follow-up with your primary care doctor to discuss your head, neck, shoulder and arm problems. Good luck!
Spine symptoms. If you have weakness, loss of bladder/bowel control, severe pain, tingling or other worrisome symptoms you should see a doctor right away. Any lesion or disease of the spine should be seen so that effective treatment can be given. With neurologic injury, there is a time window to help these problems - otherwise it may become 'too late' and permanent injury could result.