Can I use radiesse (dermal fillers) to make my beak-like nose look straighter? I can't afford plastic surgery for my nose right now, so I'm wondering about using a filler to make it less droopy. Does that work? How long would it last? .

Yes. Radiesse (dermal fillers) can enhance the radix (upper part) of the nose and can make the profile appear more straight. While it will not actually elevate the tip, often the appearance is more pleasing. In this location, Radiesse (dermal fillers) has been found to remain upwards of a year.
Filler in nose. Liquid rhinoplasty has been accomplished with fillers. The duration of the effect is idiosyncratic between patients. Have your face evaluated by a board certified facial plastic surgeon with experience in injectables.
Not if your sane. It's calcium hydroxapetite. If the skin thins or the injection is irregular, then you have more complex and more costly problems.
Not likely. Fillers such as Radiesse (dermal fillers) are used to augment a nose. A hanging tip usually requires a surgical treatment. Computer imaging can help you decide if fillers will mask your concerns. They last about one year.
Unpredictable. Injectables have been used to correct small irregularities. However it sounds like you have a slightly more complicated issue. The best option would be to consult an experienced plastic surgeon and discuss your treatment options. You may need surgery to achieve your goals.
Unlikely. Radiesse (dermal fillers) only adds volume to soft tissues. Rhinoplasty would likely be the procedure you would need.
Radiesse (dermal fillers). Radiesse (dermal fillers) lasts about a year, but sometimes longer in less mobile areas of the face like the nose. Whether Radiesse (dermal fillers) injection would help improve your nasal appearance depends on what your nose looks like. There are limits to where Radiesse (dermal fillers) can safely be placed in the nose, especially regarding the tip itself.
Yes, . Yes, but this is only a temporary result, lasting no more one year. Please see the video in the attached link below for examples.