Are the results from a Brazilian butt lift permanent? Will my results from a Brazilian butt lift be permanent, or will I have to have it redone eventually? .

It should last. The brazilian butt lift surgery permanently transfers fat cells to the buttock. The results should be long lasting. The surgery is quite safe when peformed by an experienced surgeon. Good luck.
It Can Be Permanent. BBL success is highly dependent on surgical technique during fat extraction, processing, and reinjection. It is also important for the patient to follow the post-op recovery restrictions to ensure success. When done correctly, fat grafts are permanent. When done incorrectly, they may not last and you may need a re-do.
Permanent. I have followed up many of my patients for years. Recently l saw two patients whose brazilian we performed almost 4 years ago. One had recently had a child as well. The volume and shape still looked incredible. The technique of the surgeon undoubtedly plays a major role in this, so find a good one with pictures of long term results.
Permanence of BBL. Bbl results a brazilian butt lift involves harvesting fat from an unwanted area and then preparing it for transfer where it is injected into the buttocks as a living transplant. As long as you maintain your body at a stable level, the results should have permanent improvement. Implants are also another permanent option but this procedure is riskier and involves a longer recovery time.
What . What we know is that even if fat cells do atrophy, as well they might, the adult stem cells which we inject do not. Even with a so called "permanent" silicone implant, the results will change over time, and skin will descend, along with further fat atrophy and muscle atrophy surrounding the implant. The risk of implant related problems are far greater than with fat transfer in the right hands. See bestplasticsurgerypractice.Com/logingallery.Html for five year follow up results.
Noting . Noting is permanent.If you have an implant placed it is permanent but if you have fat injected your skin can still sag and soem of the fat graft can atrophy.Nothing will stop the aging process.www.beautybybrueck.comh.