After you break your leg how quick do you feel pain I fell like a second again. The pain is unbearable I twisted my leg in a hole in the ground

Depending. Depending on the severity of the break (same as fracture), you may feel pain immediately or it may be delayed. The more severe the injury, the more likely it will hurt immediately. A twisting injury like that can fracture the tibia (shin bone) in the area where a boot top will hit. You could also have a high ankle sprain (syndesmosis injury) or an "ankle" fracture, which involves either or both of the tibia and fibula at the ankle. Ice the area immediately, keep your weight off it, get it above your heart if you can, and see a physician. If you have any bleeding, numbness, tingling, or a dusky foot, you should go to an er immediately. If not, you may see your primary care physician or an orthopaedic surgeon. I would recommend doing so today.