I took next choice one hour after the insedent, everything seemed fine.5 days after I got brown spotting and a lot of pain. The day before the sex I had just got off my period. Now about a week later I still have sharp pains

It's . It's great that you took Next Choice so soon after you had sex - the sooner you take it, the more effective it is. One of the most common side effects of emergency contraception or "the morning after pill", is an irregular period, missed period, or spotting after taking the pill. Ongoing pains are a little more concerning. Many women will experience some cramping pains with a little bleeding, but they shouldn't necessarily last a week. If you are continuing to have pain you should give your doctor a call. It is important for them to examine you and make sure that you aren't having a more concerning (and possibly unrelated) reason for your pain. Good luck!