What could be causing this? I am a female, who recently became sexually active. Since then, I have experienced pain during urination, which only lasted a few days and I thought it might just be a uti. But then I started getting abdominal pain, and now I h

Hello, . Hello, first, i need to advise you that i cannot diagnose the cause of your symptoms. The friction of the penis could irritate the urethra which would cause pain with urination. However, that would not explain abdominal pain. You could have a urinary tract infection which is effecting the bladder. If you have had a regular period since you last had unprotected sex, then you should not be pregnant. But if what you are trying to describe by "bleeding between periods" is spotting since you had unprotected sex, which is before the anticipated date of your period, that could be a different matter. In that situation there could be spotting from implantation with some mild associated cramping. But that usually would only be a for few days. If you are sexually active without protection that leaves you vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases. Suggest that may want to discuss this with your doctor.