After a cervical biopsy over a week ago I had sex when the bleeding stopped. It started again and has continued for 6 days. Help cramps, abdominal fever and consistant bleeding. Is this normal?

Vaginal . Vaginal bleeding after sex is often caused by the friction of the penis rubbing against the cervix, so the bleeding is not surprising following your biopsy. However, the cramping and fever are much more concerning symptoms - especially lasting for almost a week. I'm concerned that you could have an infection. You should call your ob/gyne (or the doctor who performed the biopsy) right away. They may want to examine you to determine the cause of your symptoms so that you can have the right treatment. Good luck!
It . It isn't unusual for some bleeding to occur for several days after a cervical biopsy, and the bleeding can stop and then start again when your cervix is irritated (as might occur during sex). However, your cramps and fever more than a week after your cervical biopsy are worrisome. If your symptoms haven't resolved and you haven't already seen your doctor, call him/her immediately. I hope you feel better soon!