Nerve block in arm - what are the risks etc... My doctor is recommending that I have a nerve block; in dec I had surgery for 'skiers thumb' from a fall. The incision has healed perfect; but it remains raspberry red, swollen in the area as well as all fing

Low risk. A peripheral nerve block of the arm is typically used to relieve pain--not sure it is indicated for your symptoms. There are several approaches that can involve injecting the neck, above or below the clavicle, or in the underarm. Nonetheless, the risks are very low and include bleeding, infection, and rarely, seizures, pneumothorax, or nerve damage (this is less risky with ultrasound guidance).
Hello. . Hello. I am not hitting to the heart of your question. I thought i would bring up a gentle but efficacious option for treatment of the swelling, stiffess and the redness of your fingers to discuss with your doctor. Medical acupuncture. The needles have a tiny diameter - much smaller than needles used to draw blood. This treatment, which has been used for thousands of years in chinese medicine can move stagnant blood, lymph, fluids, electrical energy and qi in the area. I can think of a number of simple procedures that would likely help you: scar deactivation, scar injections (not with steroids), interosseus stimulation, auricular acupuncture and chinese scalp acupuncture. The military is now using acupuncture in the battlefield and with hundreds of wounded warriors after they return stateside with amazing results.