How serious is a repeated bloody stool? Should I head for urgent care or can I wait for an appointment with primary doctor. - 1 month of repeated, consistent bloody stool. Appears to be getting slightly worse with time. - amount of blood varies from barel

See your doc. See your doc. If you start feeling light headed or start fainting go to er.
Urgent . Urgent cares are great for problems such as an ear infection or sore throat on off-hours that doesn't merit an er visit, but can't wait until your doctor's office opens. However, with a more complicated, long-standing problem such as what you describe, you would be better served by seeing your own doctor. You doctor knows you, has your history, and can provide a more through work-up with better follow-up and specialty recommendations if needed. If you have a high fever, are losing profuse amounts of blood, or have severe abdominal pain and cannot wait to see your doctor, you should go to the emergency room. I hope this helps!