Rapid moving mouth/jaw with clear saliva my daughter is 6 years old. She was born with cmv. We have never had health issues with her except for phlegm. Last month we were called to get her from school. She laid on the couch then her mouth started moving v

Need for EEG. She could be developing seizures. I would take her to a pediatric neurologist, especially with a previous history of CMV she may need an eeg.
Dear . Dear sir or madam, i'm sorry to hear the dificult time you are going through with your daughter, i know is not easy managing or seing any suffering from a child. Clear saliva is not usually indicative of seizure, the white color is caracteristic of a zeisure. Oral problems araising from cytomegalovirus are not a concern at the present time, although a visit to a pediadric dentist will always be to her benefit, in order to maintain good oral heath . Patients with CMV have a tendency to develop problems associated with litle ulcers and will need to be controlled. Best wishes and good luck.
A . A rapid moving jaw in children could be associated with a muscle spasam, cramping or chills. The excessive clear saliva indicates that the salivary glands are reacting to the movement. Restraining to stop movement is recommended.