I took birth control for more than 3 years and can't conceive it's been 3 months since I been off them why can't I conceive yet? I was on avian birth control and I been on them for more than 3 years is it stopping me from having kids if so how long? Pleas

Be patient. The cited average wait until a desired conception is 6 mo with a range from weeks to a year. If you go 2 years without success, an evaluation of both prospective parents is indicated. It takes two fertile adults to do this & he may be shooting blanks.
I . I can understand your concern. If a patient has been on birth control, there can be a waiting period while the body begins ovulating (forming eggs) again. This period varies from woman to woman. You will most likely begin ovulating soon. You are most likely to conceive in the time-frame from 10-14 days after the first day of your last period. After intercourse, stay in bed on your back with your knees up for 15 minutes or so to help retain the semen. Be sure you are at a healthy weight, not too high or too low as either can affect ovulation. If you don't get pregnant in the next few months, see your gynecologist for an evaluation.