What causes a really low vitamin d level? "vitd-25-oh total" was 5 when the normal range was 30 — 100 ng/ml I saw an endocrinologist two weeks for the first time for what appears to by hyperthyroid. I had a follow up appointment today. The doctor said my

Why? . Why? Maybe it's because you live in hillsborough, new jersey. Although i cannot tell you why your vitamin d level dropped, sunshine (or lack there of) may be a reason. I am in new england and there is a very high percentage of people here with vitamin d deficiency. It is worse in the winter. Although, i can't say why your vitamin d levels were ordered; they are often ordered if the person has low energy level, low drive and feels depressed. Low vitamin d can cause a syndrome that acts just like a major depression. The 25-hydroxyvitamin d (25oh vit d) level is a good indicator of how much vitamin d is in your body. 25oh vit d is the sum of 25oh vitamin d2 and 25oh vitamin d3. Some of the causes for vitamin d deficiency can include: getting little sunlight, low vitamin d in the diet, problems like colitis or kidney or liver disease, side effects of medicines or toxic substances. I hope this is helpful. By the way, a fun way to increase your vitamin d is to take a vacation to the bahamas in the middle of winter. Take care.
Hyperthyroidism . Hyperthyroidism can affect your bones. Your doctor likely tested vitamin d to see your bone health. Most commonly, people don't get enough vit d in their diet and in the winter they are not exposed to sun enough so levels dip. People with celiac disease can also develop very low levels because it is not appropriately absorbed.