I have been coughing for a week after I had the flu? Last week I had the flu and didn't cough very much. When I started to feel better I started coughing. The first day it didn't bring up much phlegm, the second day did though. The days after that I have

Hello. . Hello. Don't know how old you are or if you have asthma. I can't diagnose your condition. It sounds like you may have had a viral infection which may have developed into bronchitis. What is of significant concern is that you are wheezing every time you breath and your inhaler is not helping. Regardless of the cause, your airways are overly reactive. If you are having trouble breathing, you need to go to the emergency room right now. If your breathing is not labored with just a little wheeze, than recommend you call your doctor in the morning. Since you are not responding to the medication that you have, your doctor may need to prescribe additional medication, at least temporarily to reduce spasm in your airways. Take care.