My 5 yr old grandson walks on his toes alot. He can walk normally 1 doctor wants him to wear braces on both legs for 4 months I thinkl their over reacting but hey what do I know

As . As long as he is able to walk normally, and you are able to bring his foot up above 90 degrees to his leg, and he's just choosing to walk on his tippy-toes, i don't think there is any reason to be concerned. It's actually pretty common when toddlers are just starting to walk to toe-walk like this, but less common in a 5 year old. The only word of caution I have for you, however, is to watch for other signs of lack of coordination or developmental delays.
Toe . Toe walking can occur for a variety of reasons. Most cases that are going to self resolve will do so by the age of 5 yrs. Potential reasons for toe walking can include neurologic causes such as cerebral palsy or tethered cord. Also, some children present with tightness about their achilles tendon, as well lending to toe walking. Yet other children will toe walk due to sensory issues about their feet, causing them to avoid full foot contact. Finally, there is the category of kids diagnosed with "idiopathic toe walking" - this means that no diagnosis can be determined. You mention that he can walk normally. Sometimes kids with tight heelcords will walk heel toe by pointing their toes out to accomodate the tight ankles. Generally speaking, there can be a range of treatments entertained to address toe walking including serial casting to improve ankle range of motion, bracing to reduce the toe walking, Botox injections to reduce activity of the muscle pushing up into toe walking, or surgery in the older child. These treatment options are best discussed with a physician specializing in pediatric rehabilitation who can best guide evaluation and treatment options.