What's your medical opinion on uses of lycopodium vs a concoction deprenyl, piracetram, and choline for mental clarity? I am a college student who is having a hard time getting through school just because of the fact that I find I cannot focus during the

Lycopodium. Dr. Baskys gave a comprehensive answer about all but lycopodium, a homeopathic remedy. A professional homeopath might prescribe this when someone has very poor self-confidence, anxiety about health, career, and performance -- as well as many other symptoms. Nothing says you could not use both, as each works on a different level (energetic healing system level vs physical level).
Before . Before going ahead and ordering the concoction of deprenyl, piracetam and choline, i would first attempt to determine the reason or reasons for the poor concentration and lack of mental clarity. A visit to your family doctor who could perform a physical examination and order several general lab tests could reveal a number of treatable conditions, e.g. Anemia, that might contribute to your symptoms. However, if this does not help, referral to a psychiatrist or psychologist could help rule out such relatively common conditions as depression or attention deficit disorder. Using the concoction without knowing the true cause of your attention problem is unlikely to benefit you and may have harmful health effects. Of the compounds you mentioned, deprenyl (also known as selegiline) patches have been approved by the us food and drug administration for treatment of depression. Although some studies reported that piracetam could have positive effects on memory in healthy people, this evidence is not strong enough for the drug to gain approval for medical use in the us. Choline is a dietary ingredient present in a healthy diet and, although it is necessary for production of brain neurotransmitter acetylcholine that is critical in learning and memory, supplementation of choline does not improve memory in healthy people. More detailed information about these substances can be found in wikipedia.