What is the mortality rate of getting an ileostomy for the 10th time? Patient is male and 60 years of age. First ileostomy surgery was at 21 years old

I. I am so sorry that he is having to go through all of that. There is no simple answer for your question. Every surgery carries a risk as you know, including risk of infection, bleeding, and anesthesia. Morbidity and mortality also depends on the underlying condition of the patient, including other illnesses (co-morbid conditions), nutritional status, and body weight (too high or too low both carry risks). The most important thing is be sure that the patient has optimized their nutritional status, isn't smoking, and has other medical issues under control and has been cleared medically. Share all health concerns with the surgeon and anesthesiologist and be sure they are up to date with any current health issues of the patient. There are many patients who have to undergo repeat surgeries and they do well. I wish you the best through this procedure.