I have hand numbness & tingling. It feels all swelled up but it's not and the feeling goes up my arm it keeps me up at night. I'm 46 with no medicals problems other than a few kidney infections throughout life.

How . How is your neck? Any history of prior injury to your neck? Compression of a nerve in your neck (from arthritis in the cervical spine or a disc herniation) can cause your symptoms. And you don't necessarily have to have neck pain in order for a problem in your neck to cause radiating pain ("radiculopathy"). I'd start with either an orthopedic surgeon or a neurologist who can perform some simple nerve tests. An MRI of your neck would disclose any narrowing between the vertebrae. Also, try using a thinner pillow when you sleep. Feel better!
Numbness . Numbness that wakes you at night is the hallmark symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. If it's your thumb, index, long, and part of your ring finger and you can "shake" it out, then that's liklely what you have. Wearing a wrist splint at night can manage things for a while, but in the long run surgery is likely necessary to prevent constant (permanent) numbness.
I . I know some of the guys in bremerton. I would recommend enayat niakan, md, as a neurologist. Gregory duff, md, is a good orthopaedic surgeon. If you don't mind a ferry ride, i would be happy to see you as well. Depending on the pattern of numbness and tingling, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, cervical radiculopathy, or some other nerve or vascular problem.
Carpal . Carpal tunnel is the most common complaint. Other things such as cubital tunnel, nerve compression in the neck or shoulder are less common but a specific exam and evaluation can shed light on this.