Do I have an ear infection or something else I have been having these pains in my ear and the pain goes down to my throat and it feels like water is in them. It goes in and out as if I am 35, 000 feet in the air on a plane. When I blow my nose I get this

Get medical exam. This is not something you should try to self-treat. When you have these symptoms, it's apparent you need a medical exam to determine the cause of what sounds like it could be an infection. Call your physician or np soon.
Hello, . Hello, you may have congestion that is closing down on the eustacian tubes (they drain the ears internally). Sinus congestion & upper respiratory infections are possible causes. There could be fluid in your middle ears. However, can not tell you if you have an ear infection. You may wish to try decongestants. Afrin nasal spray can help reduce swelling but can only be used for a few days at most. If these are not helpful, see your doctor who can look at the ear drum and structures in your ear to ensure that you do not have an infection.