Ihave been suffering from chronic sinusitis for months my ears are also very stuffed I have been on a round of amoxicillan and levequin saw an ENT he said I may have some tube dysfunction this misery comes and goes some days are ok next day the same t

Chronic . Chronic sinusitis could be dental related. I would advise seeing a dentist.
I . I am sorry to hear you are having this problem and would suggest that you keep following up with you ear nose and throat specialist. There are some things you can try at home that may give you relief, and you can download an information sheet from my web site:http://www.Drneilmcleod.Com/informationsheets.Aspx just click on the sinusitis tab and a pdf file will appear that you can download. My first question to you is "do you smoke." the sinuses are air filled chambers in the bones of the face which are lined with a mucous membrane. The membranes produce mucous which lubricates the surface, and the cells have a special feature of tiny hair like projects which waft rhythmically and make any foreign material which may inadvertently have been drawn into the sinus space flow out towards the nose and the back of the throat. These little hair like projections are called cilia, and they don't work properly if you smoke, in fact they don't work at all, and this can cause an infection to start in the sinuses that can be very hard to heal. I do hope this helps. Dr. Neil mcleod dentistry that lasts - quality that counts.