A friend slipped up after 5 yrs clean, but seems to be handling it ok all things considered.... What can I suggest. They were clean for five years and one night slipped recently resulting in snorting of ritalin. Apparently, it has slightly different effec

Hello. . Hello. If you trust the word of an addict, you are much more trusting than i would be. If not abusing drugs was as simple as being dedicated and having willpower, addiction would not be the immense problem that it is in this country today. It is a disease. Many people need help for their diseases. Narcotics anonymous and alcoholics anonymous is a great place to get help and support during recovery. I think your friends have some very serious problems from the sounds of it. If a person eats a box of rat poison per day and then decide to cut down to eating only half a box of rat poison per day, is that good? No ! why, because eating rat poison can kill you. If a person thinks that have good judgment because they only eat a half box of rat poison per day, that person is likely to be in denial.
Perhaps . Perhaps risking hyperbole, i feel compelled to suggest that "much more trusting than i would be" is a far too euphemistic way of saying "almost unbelievably nieve", but that's not why i'm chiming in, here. Your comment that "the aforementioned person is taking track of his vitals while trying to get back to being able to use it responsibly" suggests that it is actually being prescribed, begging the question "for what disorder"... And how much was being prescribed, and did it seem to be helping sufficiently at the previous dosage. If it was, or is being prescribed, i would strongly suggest coming clean to the doc, and asking about vyvanse, (lisdexamfetamine) which is a much less readily abusable med in the same class. Na is of limited use in some areas, and in fact, in our area, we usually just send them all to aa, because it is much better run, and welcomes the non-alcoholic substance abusers.