Is it possible to have bronchitis without wheezing and dry cough. Started out wed night, nausea, tight throat. Then sore throat and dizziness. Threw up left work went home, chills that night, next morning, whole body aches, epecially head, chest, hard

Yes, . Yes, you can have bronchitis without wheezing. Bronchitis means that the "bronchioles", the smaller tubes in your lungs, are inflammed. That occurs with viral or bacterial conditions. If your symptoms are worsening, or if you have fever, worsening cough, or any shortness of breath, you will have to be seen again immediately for a re-evaluation.

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What do I need to do and what is wrong? Coughing up food and blood sore throat slight fever often light headed sometimes dizzy sometimes tight chested

It. It sounds like you most likely have an infectious process. You need to be seen immediately if you are having fever, coughing up blood, and feel dizzy with a tight chest. Please see your doctor or go to the er immediately for your symptoms.