Can schizophrenic symptoms come & go? 32 yr old male with functioning CP has had 2 separate episodes of schizophrenic symptoms in 2 mo. Period. The 1st one lasted 7 days then he returned to normal, the 2nd one lasted 16 days & is now returning to normal t

Hello.. Hello. This question is actually more complex than it may appear on the surface. Have you been formally diagnosed with schizoprhenia or are you just using the term "schizophrenic symptoms" to describe possible psychotic symptoms? Normally for a psychiatrist to diagnose schizophrenia, the person would have had symptoms for at least six months. This could include what is called a prodromal period in which the person has flatter emotions, they do not think things through as clearly or take good care of themselves. There are also active symptoms like hearing or seeing things that aren't there, delusions (thought processes that are not based on reality) -like thinking that every one is out to get you, or having strange perceptual experiences. Psychotic symptoms can increase at times. If you have had psychotic symptoms or you think you may have a mental disorder, I recomend that you get a comprehensive evaluation by a psychiatrist. Take care.