Can fat transfer be done on the face? Can fat transfer be used to fill deep wrinkles and other sagging areas on the face? .

Yes absolutely!l. In pre-facelift aged patients (not yet ready for a facelift) it is a great option. It can be even better with judicious use of neck and facial liposuction. Fat transfer does involve a few weeks of swelling, which is unavoidable, probably two before return to normalish dimensions.
Yes! In fact, fat transferred from other areas of your body to your face will not only give some lifting to the general facial structure, but also improve the look of your skin. Fat transfers to the face are wonderful for addressing fine lines and wrinkles, crows feet, under eye bags and circles, sunken cheeks, etc. Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.
Fat . Fat transfer is a great treatment to improve facial volume loss. It is most successful when placed more diffusely rather than only in a certain crease or line. With proper technique sagging facial skin can be lifted naturally, improving your appearance.
Fat . Fat is a good choice for deep folds/wrinkles and areas of depression on the face due to the loss of fat but it is not good for fine